Studying abroad is a dream for a million of students. To live abroad, to travel and discover a new country, to learn a new language and a new culture, to take a new step in your education or your career. But to take this step, you have to leave your home, your comfort and security. So what is best for this than finding your “home away from home”?

Here is for you a description of the different type of housing you can find once you got accepted into the abroad program of your dreams:

1- Homestay

To have this feeling of “home away from home” what is better than a homestay? For an affordable price, you will be living with a family and have freedom to do what you want. You will get your private room and most of the time the food is included, but you will have to share bathroom, living room, or any other common spaces with the family. Some rules might apply in the home and you will have to follow them, for example, you might have curfew, or kitchen might not be allowed to use… It is also an excellent way, to dive yourself in the culture of the country and to learn faster the language.

2- Dormitory

Not all universities will offer this type of housing to abroad students but it worth asking for it, as dorms are the ultimate way the make new local friends. All dorms are different, if you are lucky you may have your private room and private bathroom or maybe you will have to share your room with a roommate and your bathroom as part of a suite. You will have access to common areas such as study spaces, kitchen, where you can gather with your classmates. Be aware that some rules might apply as well there, as if you are planning to receive guests, overnight might not be allowed. It is also not the cheapest option.

3- Apartment

The apartment option is probably the most expensive option but also the one that will offer you the most freedom. Make sure you can offer this type of accommodation as you will have to pay for the rent as well as the electrical and water bills, WIFI, tv and phone bills if required, food but also a security deposit before renting which you will get back once you move out (any damage on the flat or provided furniture will be deducted from the deposit). It is also not easy to meet people when you live on your own in a country you don’t know, make sure if you choose this option to make an extra effort on socializing with people around you at school…

4- Private student rental halls

It is almost same as dorms but are usually not on the campus and come with more amenities such as equipment like high speed internet, sport facilities, cinema rooms, game rooms … They also organize events during the year to facilitate social connections.

5- Shared apartment

This is the most affordable type of accommodation for a student and it comes with a lot of freedom. Cheaper than having your own apartment, unlike dorms and homestay, you will be able to live without rules (except respecting your other roommates). Typically, you will have your own room and you will share the common areas. The only risk is the personality of your other roommates, sometimes you might become best friends, but sometimes you might live with difficult personalities. Therefore, it is helpful to have an idea of the type of person you are looking to live with (non-smoker, quiet…).